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Late OOTD, originally uploaded by rachbomb.

I ran out of time this morning, so I did it first thing when I got home. Old navy dress, Target cardigan and tights, belt is from Torrid and the shoes are Born.

Some wedding pics!

My new cousin, Gary, shot these pics for our wedding. I was making the silly and fun faces at him and saved my "proper" face for the other photographer haha. Hoping we get our pro pics soon, but these are really awesome if you ask me :)

We did it!!!
A little backstory...we really wanted to get married in the Rotunda, but as you can see behind us there is some curtain thingy up for a special event, so we couldn't get married up there. It was the original plan for all of our friends we invited to City Hall to watch us get married. I was upset at first, and asked the Justice of the Peace if there was any way we could get married in the Rotunda. She said no, so I didn't want to push it further. We ended up getting married in this cute little chapel-type room off the County Clerks office. There were pews and an altar and everything, and it was really intimate. ANYWAY...so after I really wanted to sneak upstairs and come down the Rotunda stairs so everyone could at least see us come down the stairs haha. It didn't work out, but we eventually made it to the stairs and came down to get this shot.

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OOTD, originally uploaded by rachbomb.

I'm feeling solid colory today haha!

Outfit of the day

Outfit of the day, originally uploaded by rachbomb.

And I'm back!

Today's outfit is an Old Navy dress and shoes, Lane Bryant cardigan and a Torrid belt.

pimping out my awesome work

I loveeeee this spot so much!! Come visit me in SF!

Rockin' my aviators!

Rockin' my aviators!, originally uploaded by rachbomb.

"Highway to the danger zooooone!"

Outfit of the day

Outfit of the day, originally uploaded by rachbomb.

My new jeggings from Old Navy and a top I got from Target.com. Flats are from Torrid, I got them years ago. Cardigan is from Target. I'm feeling purpley today!

Some photos!

It's going to be a while before we get our professional photos, so I thought I'd post what my friends have!

Here's me and alongcameaspydrCharshie right after the ceremony. Yay!

Gus's cousin, Janette, took this while we were skipping around the Embarcadero center before the reception

With my new aunt and uncle

With the 'staches I made for the reception, they were a hit!

I love this one, Gus was doing a dance around me for the garter toss. I love the look on his face and both of us pointing at each other haha

I had so much fun. I can't wait to get all the pictures :)

I'm aware of my obvious chest burn LOL I should've evened out my shoulders...oh well!

Outfit of the day

Outfit of the day, originally uploaded by rachbomb.

Off to our massages!

Adventures in the north bay!

Adventures in the north bay!, originally uploaded by rachbomb.

Love this fountain!